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A License is required in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin to market a LegalShield Membership.

Call Licensing at 580-436-7424 (There will be an Option for Licensing) to request a copy of the license for each state.

What Can I Do Before I Am Licensed in Florida?
1. Enroll Legal Plans in 33 Non-Licensed States & 3 Provinces of Canada
2. Enroll ID Theft in Every State
3. Recruit Associates in EVERY state
4. Get Promoted and Paid (In Florida Recruit an Associate with ID Theft to get promoted while you are getting licensed).

Florida Resident Licensing Process
(Non-Residents Contact Marketing Services)
Apply for your Florida License (Florida Residents Only)
* Florida License Application  Fee is $57.95
* Apply for License 02-56 Resident Legal Expense
* Non-US Citizens must fill out an additional form (see below)
Florida License Application   Additional Form for Non-US Citizens
Make Appointment For Fingerprints
* Florida Department of Insurance requires everyone have a set of fingerprints done at one of the authorized facilities. The only exception is you have already been fingerprinted by the Dept. of Insurance (not real estate, education, etc.) in the previous year.
* Fingerprints are $49.14
Schedule Fingerprint Appointment
Print License (No Picture Needed)*

To check for an OPEN AUTHORIZATION, Go To

Login to your account.
* When your license is processed, there will be a link on this page to PRINT your license.
* The license will remain available to print for 7 calendar days after accessing the link.

Check For Open Authorization
Appointment of Your License
* Once you have your license you must get it appointed with LegalShield. Make a photo copy of your FL Insurance License and fax it with your appointment form to 580-436-7555. Call the LegalShield Licensing Dept. for your Appointment Date.
* Appointment is $60.00
Download Appointment Form

All Legal Plan Applications you submit in Florida must be on or after your appointment date to be processed.