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If I had 4 hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend 3 hours sharpening my axe and 1 hour chopping the tree!

Benjamin Franklin

LegalShield has the training and support you need to be successful! The first step in the training process is to sit down with your sponsor and go over the Getting Started Right Document!

Get Off to a FAST START with the First Step Training
Go to:

Getting Started Right
Go Online to First Step Training
This Document will help you establish your goals, make your list, schedule your PBR (Private Business Reception), Get your “10 in play”, and get you Plugged in to the System!
Online to First Step Training
Make and Grade Your List
Make a list of everyone you know and don’t prejudge. Remember, they may or may not be interested, but they may lead you to someone who needs this membership and opportunity! Grade your list with your sponsor and put “10 in play” right away with a third party tool. This tool could be a DVD, CD, Website, Sizzle Call, etc. Your sponsor will then help you follow up with a 3-way phone call. Remember… use third party!
Attend The Next Fast Start Training
Get registered to attend the next Fast Start Training Class! This class will teach you what you need to know to get off to a FAST START! To find the next class in your area, click the link below or login to your back office at
Calendar of Events
Attend Your Local Business Briefing
Every area has a professional presentation for you to attend with guests. This Business Briefing lasts for one hour and allows you to build a Nationwide Business by using the system. Part of the Core Commitments to building your LegalShield Business is to commit to the Business Briefing EVERY WEEK! Go to the “Calendar of Events” below to find the closest meeting.
Calendar of Events
Fast Start Qualify by Advancing to Sr. Associate
You have 20 days from the day you sign up as an Associate to Fast Start Qualify by Advancing to the Sr. Associate Level. You can Fast Start Qualify by Recruiting One Associate and Enrolling 3 Memberships OR Enrolling 7 Memberships. It is important that you Fast Start Qualify so that you can earn advanced commissions on your first membership sales.
Get Your License in Florida
Apply for your Florida License on this website by clicking the “Licensing Link.” Remember, while you are waiting for your license, you can still 1) Recruit in every state 2) Enroll ID Theft in 48 states 3) Enroll Legal Plans in 33 States that do not require a license and some Provinces of Canada 4) Advance through the compensation plan and get paid! Many Associates are already a Sr. Associate or Manager when their License is a appointed. So, don’t wait to apply for your license and get started!
Licensing Information